A Few Ideas For Showcasing Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, you really need to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. While home buyers don't expect to see perfection, they do want to see a nice property they can picture themselves living in and proud to have purchased. If your home looks like it is ready for a scratch-and-dent sale, it will not be very attractive to home buyers. When someone enters a home that they are considering for purchase, they should feel an instant connection. Ideally they should get a warm-and-fuzzy feeling when they are viewing your property. One of the most important parts about selling your home is staging it accordingly. If you fail to stage your home properly, you may end up with an old stale listing.

Start from the exterior of your home and work your way inside. From the outside, does your home look like something that a potential buyer would even be interested in visiting or more like it should have a No Trespassing sign? The front lawn should be clean and well maintained. Make sure the driveway is free of all trash and yard debris. If it has a lot of oil stains you should consider pressure washing or painting it. When a buyer looks at it, they will see that you are keeping everything neat and tidy.

Before you actually stage your home, you should get it clean from top to bottom. This typically does not cost very much, just a little sweat and elbow grease. Wash the windows, clean the deck, clean out the gutters, check the crawl space, trim the bushes, replace blown light bulbs, and so forth.

If you have a basement, it is often the most cluttered place in the house, so focus on that at the beginning. Since you are selling your home and will be moving out soon, you could begin throwing away the things you donít need. The goal here is to make your basement look as spacious and warm as possible. If there isnít enough lighting, add a few inexpensive light fixtures or lamps to improve the overall look of the room. Clean the carpets and shine the floors. When it comes to staging your basement, you could turn it into a large family room. This is something many people would love to see in a home they are going to purchase.

Moving on up, if possible you should get rid of any overly large furniture. By removing any very large armoires and other super size furniture, the home will look a lot more spacious. Once that is done, you need to rearrange each room to make it look nice. The kitchen and bathroom are two spots in the home that many buyers tend to place a lot of emphasis on. So if you do decide to spend a little money getting your home ready to market, definitely keep these two areas in mind.

Keep all the clutter out of the way, so that the buyer gets to see what they are really getting. Lastly, consider painting the home to give it a new look. A new coat of paint with a nice color combination will enhance the look of any home.

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